Oh Hi there!

My name is Lasse Lykke, I'm based in the southern part of Zealand, Denmark.
By day, I work as a Sales Assistent in Click Næstved. Here we make everything from printing images, do analog film developing, framing and digitizing video tape, negativs and so much more.

Technology has always been an important core of my interests. From an early age, I loved being able to use IT to network with people around the world and build something that others would benefit from.
I spend all my free time on web development and design. In order to constantly get better, I always taking a course or creating a website.

Under projects, you'll be able to see what I've been working on and what I’m working on right now


Here you can see which projects I have been working on.
I am currently taking "The Complete JavaScript Course 2020" on Udemy.


Landing page for friends wedding,
Build With: Html, CSS and bootstrap framework.


Ecommerce website,
Build With: Wordpress and woocommerce.


Landing page to promote buiness,
Build With: HTML & CSS using the CSS grid system.

Codepen playground

My playground where I test ideas and learn new things.


Lasse Lykke

Sales Assistant by Day // Front-End Webdeveloper by Night