I'm Lasse Lykke ­čĹő­čĆ╗

By day, I navigate the realm of sales, but by night, I transform into a self-taught web developer, fueled by my love for coffee.
With each sip, I dive into coding, crafting tools that empower and assist others. My passion for creation knows no bounds, as I seamlessly blend the worlds of commerce and technology, leaving a digital mark on those I serve.

Projects :


Project Heartbeat serves as my personal database, designed specifically to track my training sessions and headaches. Developed using PHP and backed by MySQL, it offers a tailored solution for individual needs. By meticulously recording my training progress and headache occurrences within this private platform, I can analyze potential correlations and gain insights into my health and fitness journey. This personalized approach ensures confidentiality and security, as the data is solely accessible to me. With Project Heartbeat, I have a powerful tool at my disposal to monitor and manage your well-being effectively.

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I have recently completed the development of an e-commerce website utilizing WordPress as the platform and incorporating custom CSS & PHP for tailored design elements. The motivation behind this project stemmed from the need to establish a strong online presence for the business. By venturing into the digital realm, we aimed to broaden the companys market reach and enhance accessibility to it's products and services.

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Donn├ęs is a customer management program designed to run locally on a LAMP STACK server.
Developed out of the necessity for a simple yet efficient solution to handle customer orders within my day job, Donn├ęs provides a streamlined approach to order management without the need for complex software suites.
Built using PHP, Donn├ęs seamlessly communicates with a SQL database, which is hosted locally on the server. This setup ensures data security and allows for efficient data processing and retrieval.

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M├Şllegaardkeramik's online ecommerce is a virtual gallery crafted with WordPress, CSS, and PHP. It brings handmade pottery to your fingertips, extending beyond the physical store.
Custom PHP and CSS features ensure smooth shopping, while the site's look and feel reflect the store's essence.

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Salon Gitte's website has been crafted using HTML and SASS. When my friend, a hairdresser, needed an update to her website, I took the opportunity to assist.
The primary objective for the website was to be static, requiring no frequent updates, as her clients primarily engage with her business through Facebook. The website serves as a point of reference, displaying crucial information such as Salon Gitte's opening hours and providing a simple and accessible way for potential clients to get in touch.
In addition to the static content, I optimized the meta-tags to enhance Salon Gitte's visibility on Google, ensuring that her business stands out online and attracts more potential clients.

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