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Hi there!
My name is Lasse Lykke, I'm based in the southern part of Zealand, Denmark.
By day, I work as a Sales Assistent in Click Næstved. Here we make everything from printing images, do analog film developing, framing and digitizing video tape, negativs and so much more.

At night (My off time) I spend all my time on web development, design and photography.
It all started back in the beginning of 2000, when I used one of the first big social media in Denmark - Arto. Here it was possible to build one's profile in HTML. Being able to get your profile to be unique was really rad!
After, there has been a bit of quiet but the interest was brought back to life in 2017, where I set out to build my portfolio for my photography. Since then, the passion has grown, big time!

If you don’t see me in front of a computer, you’ll find me with a camera in my hand. I enjoy documenting my travels and everyday life, as well as making portraits of friends and family. I love to hear what other people are passionate about - so I often invite on a cup of coffee or a walk while photographing them. Other times, the camera is my excuse for getting out and getting some fresh air.