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08/02 2019

It is so important with natural light, especially for me, which in no way is good In the dark time of year.
So once again I have moved around my workstation. Since I moved in 3 years ago, I have moved it around 5 times but Now I think the location is right - next project is probably a larger desk and maybe a raising table - I’ll think it will be healthy for the body in the long run.
In December, unfortunately, I didn't get much done besides my day job. Its fills abnormally in this time of the year. But January and early February I have developed my Coding skills.
Here I have made:

- My hairdresser's website. (This will constantly be improved with my abilities.)
- Is working on a larger project, for my day job - More about this later, but is already proud of it.

Every first of every month, I sit down with a piece of paper and write my wishes down on what I want to learn that month. January was on Nav bar and styling of this, without any use of frameworks. February, has been on animation and nav-bar with the Bootstrap framework.
Regarding my own page here, I've been thinking a lot about making a actual landing page, so that a big picture comes in together with the nav bar, or make it as a header of some kind.

And we are live!

23/09 2018

About six months ago, I looked at my website and thought, "Something new needs to happen!”. The thoughts went on whether I should take the easy solution and use a CMD system like Wix and squarespace, or if I should make use of my interest in web development. I chose the latter, and I began to take a lot of webdevelopment courses online. Fast forward to today. I can sit and be proud of myself over building my own website and having filled a lot of knowledge in my backpack. When I started my journey, I could only the most basic. But now, my skills extend to being able to use HTML, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. There is of course a long way yet, but I have also built a playground for myself, where I can expand my skills a little by little.